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National Council on Aging

My Medicare Matters



What Does Medicare Cover?
Medicare is a federal health insurance program created for people 65+ that was  signed into law in 1965. Over the years, the coverage options have changed and expanded to provide recipients with more choices for their care.

Medicare is made up of several primary components or parts. Let’s look at how they can be combined to work for you.




Make Sense of Medicare Costs

Medicare covers a wide range of medical services. But Medicare is not free it does not cover everything.

Anyone with Medicare will pay for a portion of their expenses, but what you pay will depend on the type of coverage that you have Parts A & B (Original Medicare), Part C(a private Medicare Advantage plan), a Part D prescription drug plan and/or Medigap(supplemental coverage). What you pay will also depend on where you receive services and if you have other forms of insurance.




Enrollment Periods At-A-Glance

There are certain times when you can sign up for Medicare. You should enroll on time. If you wait to sign up, you may have to pay penalties when you do join.




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