Senior Health – ‘Best Practice’

Mission Statement

To implement ‘best practice’ clinical care strategies that improve care and manage costs, within a team-based, consumer directed, prepaid care delivery program.

Focus of ‘Best Practice’

  • To care for individuals with complex illnesses needing comprehensive, integrated care delivery and care coordination;
  • To focus on improving individual’s quality of life;
  • To provide seniors a continuum of services, including preventive care, medical visits, dental care, vision services, behavioral health, prescription medications, durable   medical equipment and social services support;
  • To assign a clinical care manager to each senior participant–to assist with care coordination.

Quality of Life Goals

  • Design and implement innovative approach to health conditions experienced by seniors;
  • Support senior goals of maintaining dignity and attaining individual independence;
  • Improving senior’s quality of life and maintaining independence.

Develop Mobile Integrated Health Services

  • Partner with local ambulance service staffed with paramedics to respond to individuals with urgent care needs right in their own home;
  • Paramedics work in coordination with primary care teams that are familiar with senior participants. Paramedics have specialized training to conduct assessments and provide clinical care when medically appropriate.

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